At Greenfields we specialise in both turfing and seeding operations.

The turf can be field-grown or high quality specialist turf types. Our clients include from domestic gardens up to large new build developments, both residential and commercial. Turfing is an effective solution whether you are looking to create a new lawn or replace an ageing lawn. Not only does it give instant results but it is also ready to use within a few weeks.

With the seeding works we have the same range of clients but we use a greater diversity of types of seed that can tolerate different conditions. We provide a comprehensive range of top quality grass seed varieties for all types of landscaping and lawns, from high quality ornamental type lawns to more economical practical lawns where heavy use is envisaged, through to shaded areas, verges and wild flower areas.

Both types of work include preparation and can also have an after-care maintenance programme if required. The process is straightforward. We visit, discuss your needs and take measurements, and then provide you with a detailed price plan within a few days. We aim to provide the right solution to meet your requirements, whether large or small scale.

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