Adult Fitness


Outdoor health and fitness equipment is growing in popularity all across the world, but especially here in the UK.

Greenfields provides a range of fitness equipment designed for all ages, from the very young to even the very old! The Xercise range of outdoor gym equipment from Kompan play equipment is designed specifically for use in public open spaces. A common sight on the continent, these easy to use pieces of gym equipment encourage members of the community to maintain an active lifestyle. Dubbed "Adult Playgrounds" by the media, this type of exercise equipment is suitable for use by anyone over the age of 15. Simple instructions on each exercise station make it easy to get started.

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The range is popular with joggers who wish to create a full body workout as part of their normal running route and with members of the community who may not wish to attend a traditional gym. It can also be situated near to existing play areas to allow parents to exercise whilst they supervise their children.

The range includes items for basic fitness improvement, but also for intermediate, and advanced training programmes, allowing you to customise your choice to meet your needs and plans.

Greenfields is based at Churcham, on the outskirts of Gloucester, working across Gloucestershire, the South West, England and Wales.  Adult Fitness Equipment has been successfully installed in the Gloucester, Cheltenham, Swindon and Bristol Areas.